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Do the Wahoos participate in fundraising activities - and what is the money used for?

Yes, HVAC hosts a number of fundraising activities throughout the season. Fundraisers are designed to augment the income of the Highland Vista Swim Club. Proceeds are used to fund team operating expenses and sponsor activities - while mitigating increases to swimmer registration fees. Participation is voluntary - however all families are highly encouraged to participate as it helps sustain the financial viability of the organization and fosters teamwork and engagement. The team participates in a variety of fundraising activities including retail store and the largest fundraiser is a Swim-a-Thon.


  • Do families need to participate in the Swim-a-Thon?

Participation is voluntary however all families are encouraged and asked to take part in our largest fundraiser of the season. The proceeds from pledges significantly offset our operating expenses.

  • If my child has not obtained pledges prior to the Swim-a-Thon lap event - can he/she still participate?

Yes! Swimmers are able to obtain both "per lap" and "flat amount" pledges. If your child has not yet collected any pledges - he/she can obtain "flat amount" pledges.

  • Is there a make-up session for swimmers to complete laps if they cannot attend the Swim-a-Thon?

No - a make up session will not be available. If your child is not able to is not able to swim laps, you may collect "flat amount" pledges instead of "per lap" pledges.


  • How much money is allocated to HVAC when I purchase merchandise through Swim Outlet? Are shipping charges waived?

8% of your total purchase is credited to HVAC. All orders placed through our designated Swim Outlet website are shipped at NO charge if your order is $49 or above. Click here to shop and raise money for the HVAC!


  • Do the restaurant fundraising events require me to bring the restaurant flyer?

Requirements for restaurant fundraisers will vary based on the event location. Generally, the venue will acknowledge the fundraiser if HVAC is mentioned. Event requirements are communicated to the team prior to each event.

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